Curved Insulated Double Glazed Sealed Units

Curved Reception ScreenCurved double-glazed sealed units primary function is to improve the thermal insulating properties of window glazing.

Two or more pieces of curved annealed, laminated or toughened glass is hermetically sealed together using super spacer to create an air filled cavity ranging from 6mm to 20mm wide. The properties in the super spacer dehydrate the air inside the unit and a silicone secondary seal is applied around the perimeter.

The latest thermally efficient warm edge super spacer is used in all our curved double glazed units. Super spacer available in black or white is 950 times less conduction than aluminium and, as most of the heat loss through a window occurs at the edge of the unit, standard metal spacer bars act as a thermal energy drain allowing heat to escape from your home. Super Spacer blocks this escape route.

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Toughened Curved Glass Bends

Curved StaircaseArc Glass and Bending offers an extensive range of curved toughened glasses for architectural applications.

Toughened or tempered curved glass is produced by heating up annealed glass to its softening point. Once the glass is bent to the required curvature the outside surface of the glass bend is rapidly cooled or quenched changing the glass surface into a state of compression while the inner layer remains in tension, which strengthens the glass and ensures safe breakage into small blunt fragments which reduces the possibility of injury.

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Laminated Curved Safety Glass

Curved Reception Screen WhiteLaminated curved glass is comprised of two or more identical pieces of annealed or toughened curved glass, which are bonded together using a clear cast in place liquid resin interlayer. Standard interlayer thicknesses are 1.0mm and 1.5mm. Clear pressure sensitised tape is used to form an additional bond on the outside edges of the glass to define the thickness of the interlayer.

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Annealed Curved Glass Bends

Curved GlassManufacturing annealed curved glass for commercial or domestic projects is a process where flat glass is bent or curved by placing the glass on a refractory or metal mould in a kiln and heated until it becomes sufficiently softened and assumes the shape of the mould. (Complex shapes and bent both way segments can be achieved). The glass is then cooled carefully to give good annealing and avoid development of any permanent stress to allow further processing i.e. cutting and polishing.

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